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Sunshine Hour at the Cardamom Pod

Next time when the hunger pangs strike think the Cardamom Pod.

Equal parts healthy, decadent and exotic the Cardamom Pod Brickworks exceeds all expectations with amazing vegan flavours.

Proud of their roots the eatery is inspired by the art of creative tasty cuisine. They take pleasure in serving their customers with lovingly prepared eats that benefit both their health and happiness. Isn’t that sweet?!

It’s that time of year again where the passionate Cardamom Pod team get their creative juices flowing and create a beautiful new menu for you! If you can’t wait for your next visit to Cardamom Pod to see what’s on the menu, we’ll be dishing out a few of our new favourites here!

Beginning with breaky…It wouldn’t be the Cardamom Pod without their exotic selection of bowls which now include the Cherry Ripe Smoothie bowl. Laced with vegan cherry ripe and an abundance of fruit it’s a decadent treat without the guilt. Our new lunchtime favourite has to be the Quinoa Nasi Goreng with pickled veggies, tempe and tapioca crackers. As well as being all vegan and made with love, this one’s gluten free! We’re also swooning over the Super Sushi and the Cardamom’s incredible selection of mocktails.