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‘Bean’ Around the Brickworks

After tending to all of your weekly AM errands it’s a sure bet that getting your cold hands cupped around a hot drink is a high priority. It goes without saying the Brickworks are big on their beans and in celebration of our favourite beverage we’ve done a roundup of the beautiful blends on offer.

The Cardamom Pod may have the food to nourish your body but they also use the coffee that can nourish your soul. Botanica beans are 100% organic and fair trade and the blend is one of the most complex Fair trade coffees in the market. It has depth and body not found in single origins and displays a sweet complexity and mouth feel that will delight the most stringent palate.

Discover the flavour of Botanica and enjoy beans that are made in harmony with nature and consider the welfare of farmers and workers in the developing world.

Considering that ‘Torrefazione’ is Italian for Coffee Roasting House one can safely assume that the Merlo Torrefazione baristas know how to handle their beans… and they do! The friendly Merlo team roasts daily so that us lucky customers can enjoy their coffee at its best – fresh and full of flavour.

Proud of your roots? So too are Providore’s coffee partner Supreme Roasters who take immense pride in their Queensland beginnings. Unlike the Melbourne & Sydney roasting mentality, their focus is on the Queensland palette and bringing a local pride factor to their home state with award winning blends, local support and service.

The Kuhl-Cher coffee brand served at Salt Café Bar has a simple philosophy – Coffee doesn’t have to be complicated it should be enjoyed…plain and simple. The new bean on the block has so much passion, desire and identity you can almost taste it!

There’s no need to feel left out if coffee’s not your jam. Between all of our lovely beverage extraordinaires there’s a hot winter warming drink for everyone. We’re not exaggerating when we say there’s a plethora of options including matcha, turmeric, yerba and chai lattes plus some seriously delicious hot chocolates. And of course tea! The Tea Centre serve up some exquisite blends.